Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NWAACC North Region Announces Their All Sophomore Team

The NWAACC North Region announced the players that will represent the Region at the 2013 Sophomore All-Star Match being held Sunday November 22 in Mt. Hood Oregon.  The match is held as part of the NWAACC Championship Tournament which will take place from Nov. 21-24 and will feature the top four schools from each Region.

NWAACC North Division All Sophomore Team

KC Fossum, Olympic
Darian Foley, Bellevue
Stephanie Antioquia, BCC
Emily Denham Shoreline
Kayla Bell Skagit Valley
Janinie Deguzman, Skagit Valley
Taylor Burnett, Olympic
Ivy Eakes, Olympic
Kylai Cooley, Bellevue
Allison Chin, Bellevue
Arianna Garcia, Shoreline
Aryn Hanson, Everett

Honorable Mention
Elena Estrada, Shoreline
Vanessa Van EyK, Everett
Chynna Loeffler, Skagit

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