Monday, February 25, 2013

The Sound Premier Volleyball Team Serves Up An Evening of Fun and Volleyball To Start the 2013 Season

Players look on in disbelief at the broken net.
Image Courtesy of Dig That Shot Photography
Associate Head Coach Brad Saindon made a point of saying the team didn't need to go out and break the net to put on a good show before the Sound Premier Volleyball Team's first ever home match, but  middle hitter Jessica Vanzant did just that on the 25th point of set three to give her team the victory and all 193 fans in attendance a memory of the beginning of professional volleyball in the Puget Sound Region they won't soon forget.

#7 Jessica Vanzant sheepishly accepts her teammates applause.
Image by Dig That Shot Photography
The broken net was the highlight of a collection of memories that were created on what will be remembered as the night that the seeds for a professional volleyball team were planted in the Puget Sound Region.  A new team reached out and recruited new fans from all ages and all walks of life.  The players shared their skills and their smiles and took the first step to developing a sustainable women's volleyball program. 

A coachable moment during the
Sound Premier Volleyball Experience.
Image by Dig That Shot Photography
Before the showcase match, the event began with the Sound Premier Volleyball Experience.  The Experience gave junior players from the Puget Sound Region a chance to get on the court and play with the players from the Sound Premier Volleyball Team.  45 minutes of fast paced queen of the court action stoked the young players desire to someday count themselves among the best players The Puget Sound Region has to offer. 

After warming up with their fans, the team switched gears and worked to put on a showcase of the best volleyball the Puget Sound Region.

Marlayna Geary Led Team Olympics with 10 Kills.
Image by Dig That Shot Photography

Vanzant wasn't the only one who held nothing back when the match began.  Despite being an inter-squad scrimmage, the match had more intensity than your average exhibition as the talented and competitive members of the team worked to put on a show for their new fans. 

Former USA National Team player Jane Collymore led all hitters with 11 kills on the night.  Michigan State University Alumni Jessica Sanborn was the leading scorer with 14 points on 10 kills, two aces and two blocks.  Both featured for Team Cascade who swept the match 3-0.

Carolyn Farny with her new fan.  Dig That Shot Photography.

After the match, the players took the time to autograph everything from volleyballs to t-shirts and practice notebooks.  The players mingled with their new fans in a way that is uncommon in professional sports and made sure that everyone had the opportunity to go home feeling a connection to their new team.  

Jane Collymore
Dig That Shot Photography

Whitney Buck with her biggest fans.
Dig That Shot Photography
Sara Bendorf and her Lil PJ.  Dig That Shot Photography

The Sound Premier Volleyball Team will be at the Kirkland Boys and Girls Club for an outreach event on March 8.  Their next showcase event will be March 16 at Lake Stevens Volleyball Training Center.