Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sound fall 35-37 to Heart of America Havoc to Finish Their 2013 Premier Volleyball League Campaign

The Sound Premier Volleyball team fell to the Heart of America Havoc in heartbreaking fashion early Tuesday morning 0-3 after rallying to take the third set to 35-37 in spectacular fashion.  Their Premier Volleyball League season finished with a 13th place finish in the Premier Volleyball League Championship Tournament.

Sara Bendorf plowed through the first row of seats to make a save.  Angie Alvord and Katie Silliman punished every overfeed.  Leilani Ramsey dug like she was trying to get to China and Marlayna Geary flew through the air putting together a collection of crucial kills and saves.  Lindsey Denman, Deviny Mo and Emily Jepsen provided sparks off the bench and Ashley Allen displayed her versatility by playing on the right side when her team needed her to and still be able to switch gears and take over the setting responsibilities when required.  Despite the fantastic efforts required to fend off more than 10 match point opportunities for the Havoc,the Sound Premier saw their season end before 6:15am Pacific time on Tuesday morning.

The team provided some of the most entertaining play of the tournament through the course of the weekend, despite many of their players getting their first taste of professional volleyball.  After three days of competition, they were still able to set aside their aches, pains and frustrations to come together and fight the battle they faced all the while building a foundation of experience for future competitions.   

Through the course of the competition, the Sound Premier Team continued to be ambassadors of the game of volleyball in the same manor they had all season in their own community.  They conducted themselves with class and dignity, wore their uniforms with pride and put their best efforts forward in the face of adversity.  They embodied all of the traits they promised to teach the junior players of the Puget Sound Region and set the expectation high for the future athletes to participate in the program. 

As the team enters the off season, conversations can already be heard about how they can improve for next year.  Next year the competition will be in Pheonix, Arizona and the Sound Premier Team will be working to return to the National Championship tournament with a team stronger for the experience gained this season.

Thanks to all of the fans who came to the showcase matches and supported our season ticket efforts.  Thanks to all of the kiddos that came out to see what professional volleyball was all about.  Thanks to our sponsors who helped make this dream a reality and thanks to the Puget Sound Region for planting the seeds for professional volleyball.  The Sound Premier Volleyball Team is excited about being an active part of helping those seeds grow.  See you all again soon.