Friday, December 6, 2013

Rox Volleyball Inc. partners with Puget Sound Region of USAV as Official Outfitter and Licensed Apparel Provider for Premier Team.

 St. Augustine, FL December 3rd, 2013- The Professional Indoor Volleyball Team of the Puget Sound Region of USAV ( ) and Rox Volleyball Inc. ( announce today the execution of a 3 year agreement whereas Rox Volleyball, an industry leader in design and US made volleyball apparel, will be the official outfitter and licensed apparel provider for the Region’s professional team.  
The Puget Sound Premier Volleyball League program is a grassroots professional volleyball team created and supported by the Puget Sound Region of USA Volleyball. Sound Volleyball works to motivate, inspire and educate young volleyball players in our region by showcasing the highest level of players possible and highlighting the values, work ethic and focus that allowed them to achieve their goals.

The decision to outfit the Professional Teams of the USA Premier League was a no brainer for Rox Volleyball Inc. Cutting edge designs, pride in state-side apparel manufacturing, and the initiative to create an identity for every team makes Rox Volleyball a key component in branding this evolving league. 

“The Sound Premier Volleyball Team is proud to have a partner in Rox that is committed to the development of our brand and professional women’s volleyball in the United States. “  -John Bryant, Commissioner, Puget Sound Region Volleyball.  

“We at Rox Volleyball are eager to begin our partnership with the Sound Premier Team. The league deserves an elite image and our creative team is driven to assist the Sound Professionals in developing that look.” Troy Olson, Vice President, Rox Volleyball Inc. 

About the Puget Sound Region

The Puget Sound Region will provide solid support and resources for players, coaches, officials and leaders to improve skills and enhance enjoyment of the game while providing quality playing and tournament experiences for all of its members. 

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About Rox Volleyball Inc.

The idea behind the Rox Volleyball brand was to transcend the world of volleyball apparel by fusing performance and function with trendy and fashionable style. A team of current and former volleyball players created the brand itself. Players that believe in the idea of a uniform being perfectly functional yet stylish enough to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends.

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