Thursday, January 31, 2013

What to Expect from the Sound Premier Volleyball Team in 2013

Jessica Sanborn and Katie Silliman battle at the net during the 2012 Inter-Squad Scrimmage.
Image Courtesy of Dig That Shot Photography

The 2013 Sound Premier Volleyball season will be playing a schedule composed of exhibitions and outreach events within the Puget Sound Region.  The team will be working to meet the requirements for participation in the Premier Volleyball League Division of the USA Volleyball Adult National Championships in Louisville, KY May 24-29 2013, but at this time there has been no money budgeted to fund the trip.  Efforts are being undertaken to secure funds for the trip through ticket sales, sponsorship and donations, but the focus of this program is outreach and exhibition within the Puget Sound Region. 

The Purpose of the Sound Premier Volleyball Team
The Sound Premier Volleyball Team is on a mission to improve and grow the Puget Sound Region of USA Volleyball by:

  • ·         Showcasing the game of volleyball played at the highest level in the Puget Sound Region
  • ·         Creating role models for our junior volleyball players
  • ·         Teaching the values and disciplines that made our players the best in the Region
  • ·         Educating the general public about the game of volleyball
  • ·         Promoting the expansion of volleyball opportunities in under served communities
  • ·         Providing a spearhead for volleyball related media outreach and social media projects
  • ·         Planting the seeds for a professional volleyball program to grow in the Puget Sound Region.

Player Commitment and Compensation
All members of the Sound Premier Volleyball Team will sign amateur contracts for the 2013 season.  There will be no payment to players for playing in competitions, participating in pre-match skills clinics or traveling with the team to events outside of the Puget Sound Region.  Players may be compensated if they are chosen to represent the team at coaching or public speaking events.  Compensation for these events will be negotiated on an individual basis between the Puget Sound Region office and the player. 

It is understood that players will have other factors in their life in addition to the Sound Premier Volleyball Team.  Schedule conflicts are not a basis to be excluded from participation in the team provided that the player:

  • ·         Is available for training the majority of Sunday night practices and scheduled showcase events.
  • ·         Communicates clearly with the coaching staff and management when scheduling conflicts arise. 
  • ·         Is enthusiastic about being part of the Sound Premier Volleyball Program and participates to the maximum of their ability. 

Who is eligible to play

  • ·         All Players age 17 and over are eligible for training and showcase matches
  • ·         Only players with no remaining collegiate eligibility may play in Premier Volleyball League Sanctioned Matches

Tryout Registration

  • ·         Current USA Volleyball Membership is required
  • ·         Tryout registration fee of $25 is required
  • ·         Pre-registration is encouraged.  Click Here to Register for the Tryouts